Basic Timeline

In the world of Trine, months and days exist as they do in our world. The key differentiator, however, is that their eras are divided into “B” and “P” periods, with “B” corresponding to the years prior to The Fall of Blusk and “P” corresponding to years Post-Blusk.

Mild spoilers for [RE]cursion up to the Season 1 Finale below.

Blusk Era Timeline

The Beginning / The Birth of the World

Year B-0

The Great Beasts and Maximilian Cynd are born on Solum and Serenus, respectively.

Year B-1 to B-5

The planet of Trine is created.

The Birth of Humanity

Year B-132

Humanity is born at the bottom of the valley.

Year B-135

The City of Blusk, the first human settlement, is founded.

Year B-136

Humanity attempts expansion from the valley. Cyria and Skell, the most anti-human Great Beasts, do not allow this.

Year B-137 to B-364

Humans develop power over the Elements. This leads to increased development and urbanization of Blusk. Culture and technology explode into prominence during this period.

Cecil is also born during the latter years of this period.

Year B-365

Maximillian Cynd II, son of Maximilian Cynd and Meiro, is born.

Year B-383

Hector Cynd, son of Maximilian Cynd II, is born.

Before The Fall (Max & Ancestors Era)

Year B-395

The Founding of the Royal Guard

The events of Episode 3 and Episode 7 occur here, one month apart. Max II’s Royal Guard is founded alongside Vincent Lockheart and Sokudo Lane.

Some time during this year, Maximilian Cynd is killed and Meiro goes into hiding.

Year B-396

Year of the Second King

During this year, Maximilian Cynd II is King of Trine.

By the end of this year, Maximilian Cynd II completes and expands his Royal Guard.

The Fall of Blusk (End of Year B-396)

Maximilian Cynd II and the founding members of the Royal Guard are sealed away following an intense battle with the Great Beasts.

Ten years following this battle, Hector Cynd is crowned King of Trine.

Post-Blusk Era (Recursion Era)

Year P-58

Stane Lockheart is born.

Year P-81

Saiten Lockheart is born.

Year P-101

Michelle Lockheart is born.

Year P-104

Nalia Cynd is born.

Year P-105

Richter Lockheart is born.

Year P-108

Michael Lockheart is born.

Year P-109

The Seven Appear

A terrorist cell known as The Seven appear and declare that the Royal Guard and Royal Family will fall in Seven Days. Stane Lockheart is the Commanding Officer of the Royal Guard during this time.

For the first three days, The Seven rampage uncontested, killing hundreds. Among their victims is Hannah Lockheart, Stane Lockheart’s wife.

The Fourth Day

On the fourth day, Stane successfully interrogates a member of The Seven. This intel turns the tide of the battle against The Seven.

The Fifth Day

The Seven are defeated through the combined efforts of Stane Lockheart, The Royal Guard, and Hector Cynd.

These events are discussed in more detail by Stane Lockheart in Episode 8.

Year P-118

Saiten Lockheart dies. This greatly damages the living members of the Lockheart Family. Michelle Lockheart isolates herself in her studies. Richter Lockheart trains harder as a member of the Royal Guard. Michael Lockheart is taken in and mentored by Stane Lockheart.

The flashbacks of Episode 6 take place during this year, detailing a time Stane Lockheart took Michael to the ancient library of Verloren.

The flashbacks of Episode 8 also take place during this year, detailing Nalia Cynd’s first meeting with Stane Lockheart.

Year P-119

The flashbacks of Episode 9 take place during this year, detailing an incident occurring after the end of Michael’s combat training under Stane Lockheart.

Year P-120

Stane Lockheart dies. Michael and Michelle reunite in the aftermath of this event and stay together, not wanting to lose anyone else. Jackson Moreno temporarily takes over as Head of the Royal Guard.

Year P-122

The three Lockheart siblings pay a visit to the Divine Garden Zoo in Sunder. This is one of the few occasions that they get to spend time together after the deaths of Saiten and Stane Lockheart.

This event is detailed in Episode 1 and alluded to in Episode 2.

Year P-125

Richter Lockheart turns 20 years old and takes the title of Commanding Officer from Jackson Moreno.

Year P-132

The main events of [RE]cursion Season 1 occur during this year.

March 3rd, P-132

Michelle Lockheart disappears and Nalia meets with Richter Lockheart in the immediate aftermath. These events are detailed in Episode 2.

March 10th, P-132

Richter Lockheart goes AWOL to search for Michelle Lockheart on his own. Michael Lockheart soon follows. Following Richter’s disappearance, Jackson Moreno re-assumes his former role as Commanding Officer.

March 11th, P-132

Michael Lockheart, in deep cover, reminiscences on his past with his siblings. These events are detailed in Episode 1.

Later that night, Michael Lockheart and Nalia Cynd meet for the first time. These events are detailed in Episodes 2.

March 12th, P-132

Nalia Cynd recovers from his battle with Michael in the dead of night. These events are detailed in Episode 5.

Michael Lockheart is nursed back to health and wakes the morning following his battle with Nalia. These events are detailed in Episode 4.

Later that night, Michael Lockheart infiltrates Verloren to find leads on his missing siblings. These events are detailed in Episode 6.

March 13th, P-132

The two-part midseason finale of [RE]cursion Season 1A, Blood/Honor, takes place on this day. These events are detailed in Episode 8 and Episode 9.