Table Of Contents

R-132 is divided into 22-episode Seasons, which are themselves divided into “Pods”.

Each Pod corresponds to a major story arc in the corresponding Season, with “Beginning” Pods serving as an entry point for new readers.

Season 1: Recursion

Season 1 of R-132, Recursion, follows Michael Lockheart and Nalia Cynd through the beginnings of their rivalry and their first major adventure. Maximilian Cynd II, in the distant past, also has a story to tell…

Pod 1: The Beginning

Episodes 1 and 2 – World Gone Topsy-Turvy

In deep cover, Michael Lockheart reminisces on his past with his missing siblings.

Episodes 3 and 4 – No More, No Less

Reflecting on the disappearance of the Lockhearts, Nalia Cynd begins his search for the truth.

Episode 5 – Before The Fall

Over a century prior to events of R-132’s main story, Maximilian Cynd II meets Vincent Lockheart for the first time.

Pod 2: Blood (over) Honor

Episode 6 – Cyria

Michael awakens in the present day to discover that he’s being nursed back to health. By his father.

Episode 7 – Ruin

After his battle with Michael, Nalia awakens in a cave to meet a mysterious stranger.

Episode 8 – The Library

Michael infiltrates an ancient library to find a lead on his missing siblings.

Episode 9 – A Brewing Storm

In the past, Max and Vincent investigate rumors of a man composed of living Lightning.

Episode 10 – Blood/Honor: Part 1

Nalia Cynd reminiscences on his first meeting with Stane Lockheart…as he finally finds Michelle.

Part 1 of Blood/Honor, the Season 1 Midseason Finale.

Episode 11 – Blood/Honor: Part 2

Michael and Nalia have their long-awaited rematch. Who will win this final battle?

Part 2 of Blood/Honor, the Season 1 Midseason Finale.

Pod 3: Bedauern

Episode 12 – Cyria (Back To The Past Remix)

Vincent Lockheart tells the tale of his first meeting with Cyria.

Part 1 of the Midseason Premiere.

Episode 13 – Home Again

Michael Lockheart wakes up.

Part 2 of the Midseason Premiere.

Episode 14 – 4 AM

Nalia Cynd deals with the aftermath of his battle with Michael Lockheart and sees a familiar face.

Episode 15 – Inmate 0026

Michael adjusts to life as a prisoner and meets a few new faces.

Episode 16 – From Above

Nalia Cynd traces Michael’s steps in reverse and meets someone new.

Episode 17 – Canis Majoris

In the past, Vincent Lockheart is sent to deal with a powerful spirit of Darkness.

Episode 18 – Prometheus

Michael finally reunites with his older brother.

Pod 4: The Grand Diamond

Episode 19 – And The Wind Cries…

Preparing for the meeting at The World’s Ascent, Max expands his Royal Guard and journeys across the Gilded Deserts.

Episode 20 – Tsukimono/The Man In White

Side A: Tsukimono

Side A of Episode 20 follows Richter Lockheart after the prison break.

Side B: The Man In White

Side B of Episode 20 follows Nalia Cynd as he finally learns the truth…a truth about The Man In White.

Episode 21 – At The World’s Ascent

Maximilian Cynd II, his father, and the Royal Guard meet with the Great Beasts at The World’s Ascent.

Part 1 of the Season Finale.

Episode 22 – Murzim

The islands are falling from the sky. The lake is rising into the clouds, revealing the Grand Diamond beneath. The end is near.

Part 2 of the Season Finale.