Table of Contents / How To Experience Recursion Your Way

[RE]cursion is best experienced starting from The Prologue for mechanical learners, or starting from A New Beginning for visual learners. Younger readers may trend toward The Prologue, while older readers may trend toward A New Beginning. 

If unsure, select A New Beginning.

Recursion periodically implements YouTube embeds starting at particular timestamps in order to set a certain mood with background music- it is recommended to lower the volume to prevent overstimulation while you focus on the text, as these are a part of setting the mood, not the text. EMBEDS ARE OPTIONAL, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Season 1: [RE]vival

Season 1 of [RE]cursion, [RE]vival, follows Michael Lockheart and Nalia Cynd through the beginnings of their rivalry and their first major adventure. Maximilian Cynd II, in the distant past, also has a story to tell…

The Prologue [1-3]

What’s Necessary [4-9]


What’s Missing [10-15]







Convergence [16-21]

Season 2: [RE]prisal

Enough telling stories.

It’s time to make them pay.

A New Beginning