What is R-132?

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This story is told from a first-person perspective, and the page colors will change depending on who is narrating. Black and gold correspond to Michael, while midnight blue and white correspond to Nalia.

R-132 is a written webserial blending elements of modern fantasy and more into a character-driven narrative following Michael Lockheart, a man searching for his missing siblings, and Nalia Cynd, a prince hoping to save the world from a greater evil.

Along the way, they’ll encounter ancient evils, mysterious spirits, ancient libraries and more.

Beyond the theatrical fights, colorful characters and intricate worldbuilding, R-132 is also a story about death and grief.

Webserial by Christopher Harper,¬†written in loving memory of a woman once called “Walkazo“.

Updates release on Fridays, by 6 PM Mountain Time. Late or bonus updates will be released on Mondays by the same time.

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