What is Recursion?

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Recursion is a modern fantasy webserial following the exploits of at least three protagonists: a fugitive, the prince chasing him, and a forgotten king.

The storyline primarily follows the fugitive and the prince in the present year of P-132, with the forgotten king’s story told in the past year of B-395. Needless to say, these stories aren’t as disconnected as their dates may make it seem.

Recursion features an assortment of swords, scythes, ominous blind people, terrifying bone monsters, dead loved ones, and traumatic experiences. If any of these themes sound distressing, you have been warned.

Webserial by Christopher Harper,¬†written in loving memory of a woman once called “Walkazo“.

When not on break, updates release on Fridays, by 6 PM Mountain Time. Late or bonus updates will be released on Mondays by the same time.

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