Track Listing

Any section with the word “Beginning” is a good place to start, but [RE]cursion is best experienced from the beginning of Disc 1 or the beginning of Disc 2.

Disc 1: [RE]vival

Disc 1 of [RE]cursion, [RE]vival, follows Michael Lockheart and Nalia Cynd through the beginnings of their rivalry and their first major adventure. Maximilian Cynd II, in the distant past, also has a story to tell…

The Beginning

In deep cover, Michael Lockheart reminisces on his past with his missing siblings.

Reflecting on the disappearance of the Lockhearts, Nalia Cynd begins his search for the truth.

Track 3- Before The Fall

Over a century prior to events of R-132’s main story, Maximilian Cynd II meets Vincent Lockheart for the first time.

Blood (over) Honor

Michael awakens in the present day to discover that he’s being nursed back to health. By his father.

Track 5 – Ruin

After his battle with Michael, Nalia awakens in a cave to meet a mysterious stranger.

Michael infiltrates an ancient library to find a lead on his missing siblings.

Track 7 – A Brewing Storm

In the past, Max and Vincent investigate rumors of a man composed of living Lightning.

Track 8 – Blood/Honor: Part 1

Nalia Cynd reminiscences on his first meeting with Stane Lockheart…as he finally finds Michelle.

Michael and Nalia have their long-awaited rematch. Who will win this final battle?


Track 10 – Cyria (Back To The Past Remix)

Vincent Lockheart tells the tale of his first meeting with Cyria.

Michael Lockheart wakes up.

Track 12 – 4 AM

Nalia Cynd deals with the aftermath of his battle with Michael Lockheart and sees a familiar face.

Michael adjusts to life as a prisoner and meets a few new faces.

Track 14 – From Above

Nalia Cynd traces Michael’s steps in reverse and meets someone new.

Track 15 – Canis Majoris

In the past, Vincent Lockheart is sent to deal with a powerful spirit of Darkness.

Michael finally reunites with his older brother.

The Grand Diamond

Track 17 – And The Wind Cries…

Preparing for the meeting at The World’s Ascent, Max expands his Royal Guard and journeys across the Gilded Deserts.

Track 18: Tsukimono

Richter Lockheart and Aiko reflect after the prison break.

Track 19: The Man In White

Nalia Cynd finally learns the truth…a truth about The Man In White.

Track 20 – At The World’s Ascent

Maximilian Cynd II, his father, and the Royal Guard meet with the Great Beasts at The World’s Ascent.

The islands are falling from the sky. The lake is rising into the clouds, revealing the Grand Diamond beneath. The end is near.

Disc 2: [RE]prisal

Coming soon.

Disc 3: [RE]flections

Coming later.

Disc 4: [RE]pressions

Coming…much later.

Disc 5: Resolutions

The end. Coming…eventually.