Celestial Entities (Planet, Moons, Star)

R-132 takes place on a supercontinent known as The Mainland, on a planet known as Trine. Trine is orbited by two moons, Solum and Serenus, and held in orbit by a lone star in an otherwise-empty universe.

The Mainland is circular in shape, filled in the middle by a Grand Diamond Lake. This Lake obscures The Valley, where humanity originated and expanded from prior to its mysterious flooding. Their first city, Blusk, is frozen in unbreakable ice at the bottom of the Grand Diamond Lake, giving the Lake its name.

The rest of Trine is covered in ocean.

The Mainland, Colonies, and ETC

Settlements on the Mainland are referred to as “Colonies”, but some Colonies have their own unique names and others band together to create one location. There are 250 Human Colonies in total, a few residing in islands floating in the skies or resting off the coast of The Mainland.

The Cynd Palace and Surrounding Locations

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The White Mountains and Surrounding Locations

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The Floating Islands

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