This page will collect Character bios for anyone looking to recall certain names or get caught up. Information in most Character bios will be at least one episode behind the current plot.

Characters who may be potential spoilers for newcomers to the current Season will be kept in the Spoiler Characters category until either a Midseason or Season Finale has passed since their introduction.

Main Characters (Narrators)

Michael Lockheart

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Affinity: Light
  • Weapon: Murzim, a white claymore inherited from Vincent Lockheart
  • Affiliations: Lockheart Family
  • Narration Colors: Black and Gold

Michael Lockheart is a young white man with long, jet-black hair. He’s usually seen donning a black jacket with the Lockheart Family Insignia on its back, a white T-shirt beneath, and a pair of blue jeans. Unlike most members of the Lockheart Family, he does not have a Darkness Affinity and instead inherits a Light Affinity from an absent father.

In addition to his Light Affinity, Michael Lockheart also inherits heterochromia from his father. Alongside the pearl-colored eyes typical of the Lockhearts, Michael’s left eye is bright amber.

Michael’s story begins when his older siblings both disappear. His journey to find them is one of many actions that kicks the events of R-132’s first Season into gear.

Usually loud, brash and impulsive, Michael tends to fill a room with an air of particular excitement. However, this side of him is somewhat deflated due to the absence of his siblings and is really only re-ignited in the midst of battle.

Nalia Cynd

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 28, Immortal
  • Affinity: Sage/Darkness
  • Weapon: Celeste, a large, ornate, celestial blue scythe carved with impressions of crescent moons and hawks
  • Affiliations: Cynd Royal Family (Current Heir), Royal Guard
  • Narration Colors: Celestial Blue and White

Nalia Cynd is a young man with ebony skin, medium-cut ivory hair, and blood-red eyes characteristic of the Cynd Royal Family. He’s usually seen in a large, black traveling cloak made to conceal his energy, though this cloak is often mistaken for robes more characteristic of a reaper.

Due to his Cynd bloodline, Nalia inherits a number of unique traits and abilities from his family, including the ability to manipulate all Elements as a Sage and his status as the current Prince of Trine.

While normally calm and collected, Nalia can be quick-tempered when met by particularly arrogant or annoying individuals, such as Michael Lockheart.

Maximilian Cynd II (Max)

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 30 (Past), 163 (Present), Immortal
  • Affinity: Sage/Gravity
  • Affiliations: Cynd Royal Family (Second King), Royal Guard (as Creator)
  • Narration Colors: Royal Purple and White

Maximilian Cynd II, or Max, is the Second King of Trine. He strongly resembles Nalia, his grandson (more accurately, Nalia strongly resembles him) and disappeared alongside the original Royal Guard over a century prior to the main events of R-132.

Max’s narration takes place in the past, leading up to and covering the events leading to the Fall of Blusk, wherein he and the Nine Ancestors of the Ancient Family disappeared after a battle with unknown, powerful enemies. The end of his story is a foregone conclusion…right?

Lockheart Family and Associates

Richter Lockheart

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Affinity: Darkness
  • Weapon: Prometheus, a pure white katana inherited from Vincent Lockheart
  • Affiliations: Lockheart Family, Royal Guard (Commanding Officer)

Richter Lockheart is the older brother of Michael Lockheart and younger brother of Michelle Lockheart. In other words: he’s the middle child.

Despite this, he’s perhaps the most successful of the three, taking a leading position in the Royal Guard (like his grandfather before him) and dedicating his life to servicing the people of Trine.

Richter Lockheart possesses the Darkness Affinity and pearl-colored eyes typical of the Lockhearts, but keeps his blonde hair short-cut and has a light tan. When he’s not working, and sometimes while he is, he finds himself listening to a number of vinyls within his office and reminiscing on earlier days with his family, when things were simpler.

Richter, however, disappears soon after his older sister. Michael follows shortly thereafter, hoping to find both of his missing siblings.

Michelle Lockheart

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 31
  • Affinity: Darkness
  • Weapon: Tsukimono, twin white daggers inherited from Vincent Lockheart
  • Affiliations: Lockheart Family

Michelle Lockheart is the oldest sibling of the Lockheart Family, and loves birds almost as much as she loves her brothers. Unlike Richter, who heads the Royal Guard, Michelle prefers a life of peace alongside her younger brother, who she stays with mostly to keep an eye on and prevent him from isolating himself when times are tough.

Like her siblings, Michelle has the pearl-colored eyes expected of the Lockheart Family. Her hair, however, is a long, flowing brown and she’s a notch paler than Michael.

Like other members of the Lockheart Family, she enjoys black jackets but sets herself apart a bit by implementing purple into her outfit whenever possible.

Her disappearance, for which the cause is unknown, is the main factor behind the subsequent disappearance of her brothers, both of whom hope to find her.

Stane Lockheart

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 62 (deceased as of P-120)
  • Affinity: Darkness
  • Weapon: Murzim, a white claymore inherited from Vincent Lockheart
  • Affiliations: Lockheart Family, Royal Guard (Commanding Officer)

Stane Lockheart is the grandfather of the current generation of Lockheart siblings, Richter’s predecessor as Commanding Officer of the Royal Guard, and Michael’s predecessor as the wielder of Murzim.

Despite his age in the later parts of his career, Stane Lockheart managed to maintain his rank in the Royal Guard through a combination of intense training and sheer cunning. Considered one of Trine’s strongest warriors until his decline in health after his daughter’s death, Stane was a force to be feared by criminals and terrorists in Trine.

However, Stane’s reputation changed after the death of his wife at the hands of terrorist group The Seven. While these reports are rumors at best, and he continued to protect and serve Trine afterward, some believe that the grief awakened something darker inside Stane Lockheart.

Saiten Lockheart

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 37 (deceased as of P-118)
  • Affinity: Darkness
  • Weapon: Diarmuid, a white spear inherited from Vincent Lockheart
  • Affiliations: Lockheart Family

Saiten Lockheart is the mother of the current generation of Lockheart siblings and the sole child of Stane Lockheart and his wife.

At the time of R-132’s events, year P-132, Saiten Lockheart has been dead for a long time. Her death has left lasting impressions on her children and others.

Before she died, Saiten Lockheart led a long life. Up until she turned 19, she believed her purpose in life was to become a warrior and a member of the Royal Guard, like her father before her. While a formidable fighter in her own right, she soon discovered that her love of music and her children overshadowed her love of battle.

She passed on this love of music to all three of her children, but most particularly Richter Lockheart.

Cynd Family and Associates

Hector Cynd

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 12 (Past), 144 (Present), Immortal
  • Affinity: Sage
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: Cynd Royal Family (Third, Current King), Royal Guard

Father to Nalia Cynd and son of Maximilian Cynd II, Hector is one of the few characters who has lived through both of the time periods R-132 covers.

Like other Cynds, Hector’s appearance is dictated by strong contrast. His hair is long and pitch black and his skin is the color of pearl. He shares the blood-red eyes of the rest of the Cynd bloodline as well.

Hector is the current King of Trine and urges Nalia to start his search for the Lockhearts.


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: ~50 (Past), Immortal
  • Affinity: Sage
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: Cynd Royal Family

Cecil is a part of the Cynd bloodline, but due to the nature of his birth from a concubine is not considered a true Cynd. Therefore, he does not inherit the throne, despite having all the traits one would expect a Cynd to have, including a Sage affinity and blood red eyes.

However, his hair and his skin, unlike other Cynds, does not contrast at all. His skin and feathery hair are both a pearly-white.

Despite not inheriting the throne and technically being Max II’s older brother, Cecil doesn’t seem to bear any resentment. Instead, he serves as an adviser and confidant to Max on his way to assuming the throne.

Maximilian Cynd I

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Unknown, Immortal
  • Affinity: Sage
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: Cynd Royal Family (First King), Humanity (First Human)

Maximilian Cynd is the first human, the first King of Trine, and the progenitor of both humanity and the Cynd bloodline. He is the Perfect Sage, capable of manipulating all Nine Elements to their fullest potential.

The Ancestors

Founding members of the Royal Guard and the first great human masters of the Nine Elements, these people served as Maximilian Cynd II’s personal guard. Their descendants became the Ancient Families, renowned for generations, even after their disappearance.

To be filled in.

Royal Guard Members

Members of the Royal Guard, not counting the Lockhearts or people who fall more strongly into other categories.

To be filled in.

Citizens of Trine

Dion James

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 33
  • Affinity: Water
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: Dion’s Bar

Dion James is a friendly, redheaded man known to most as the owner of Dion’s Bar. He and his bar host all kinds of colorful characters in different walks of life, and despite his unassuming outward appearance, Dion is an excellent Water element master and seems to know more about unfolding events than he lets on.

Spoiler Characters

Great Beast of Light: Cyria of The Golden Fang

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Beginning of Time, Immortal
  • Affinity: Light
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: The Great Beasts, Lockheart Family

Cyria is the Great Beast of Light, and in his base form manifests as a great wolf composed of golden Light energy, with scarlet Lightning pouring from his eyes and mouth.

In the past, he is one of the Great Beasts with a high disdain for humanity at large, wanting to keep them from colonizing outside of the valley where Blusk is located.

In the present, he has since gone into hiding, often assuming a human form to facilitate this. Additionally, he is the father of all three of the current generation of Lockhearts and is the one responsible for Michael’s unusual physical traits and Light Affinity.

Great Beast of Gravity: Meiro of The White Mountains

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Beginning of Time, Immortal
  • Affinity: Gravity/Sage
  • Weapon: ???
  • Affiliations: The Great Beasts, Cynd Royal Family

Meiro manifests as a great, white Serpent in her base form. She is the oldest of the Great Beasts, and due to being a manifestation of the Gravity that holds the universe together, she is also a Perfect Sage who can use all Nine Elements.

In her human form, she identifies as Melinda Cynd. As the wife to Maximilian Cynd, she helped create humanity and mothered their son, Maximilian Cynd II. By the time the present rolls around, however, Meiro has completely disappeared for reasons unknown, fading into legend and myth.